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July 31, 2017
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Welcome to OurTrafficPays

Are you a business owner, Marketer, Entrepreneur, local business owner, or a startup looking for advertising services, high-quality advertising, targeted web traffic, real web visitors and best solo ad advertising to promote your business and services to your targeted audience?

Look no further because Ourtrafficpays is here to provide you all the advertising services like real targeted website traffic, website traffic that converts and just the best advertisin g services that you need to market your business to the right audience and increase your sales and maximize profits!

At Ourtrafficpays, we offer many advertising services to our clients ranging from banner ads, text ads, business directory ads, and some of the best solo ad advertising services. Our advertising services are suitable for start-ups, small, medium and or large scale organizations.

OUR Strategy
Now let 's introduce you to some of Our Traffic pays strategies so you can better understand how we are able to give back rewards. We have put together a few different ways that we create income. We have external and internal income.
For internal we have advertising sales
Those sales come from
Solo Ads
Text Ads
Banners Ads
Starter Ads
Login Ads
Then for the external sources.
Portfolio Builder

Then Our Traffic Pays has a team of specialized professionals from all over the world who find and do reasearch on companies and programs that bring in steady profits.

They do this two ways they have programs that they build thru sponsoring members and earn and income. We will be funding their advertising to help them grow there members inturn earn more. Therefore, it is only fair that these profits be divided among the people who contribute to this expansion

They also have programs that they compound in and earn large returns they become active in those programs and companies. They put large amounts into them and compound for a short time and then take out large

amounts. By us working with them they can grow accounts much faster thus earning more. Therefore, it is only fair that these profits be divided among the people who contribute to this expansion.

We have a team of trading specialists

Our Traffic Pays has a group of highly specialized professionals who operate a large volume of cryptocurrency trading daily.

Now this group of people has decided to expand its activities and, for this, it needs a bigger volume of bitcoins to maximize its gains. Therefore, it is only fair that these profits be divided among the people who contribute to this expansion.

Bitcoin Mining

Then last but not least Our Traffic Pays has started working with a mining company to bring long term steady profits.

We will be buying mining equipment that do the mining and we will keep it at their facility. They will make sure our equipment runs smooth and will keep the cost down so we make more profits.

OUR Mission
Our goal is to offer high-quality advertising services that will help our clients make sales and maximize profits in their business. We work with your business or company to improve its website traffic that is directed towards the targeted audience. Through transparent communication, careful business analysis and open collaboration we can provide advertising services that produce reliable and consistent results. By embedding ourselves in your business, we can work with you to create advertising services that deliver effective value and bring real website visitors.
Low Cost And Targeted Advertising Services.
Solo Ads
A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a
vendor that has created a "list" of people. Our Solo Ads
are sent to all members but only external clicks counted.
Banner Ads
Banner Ads are a popular form of website advertising.
They are image-based rather than text-based.
Text Ads
A Text Ad includes a link to your website with a Title and
a description for your product or service.
Business Directory
A business directory is a section on the site with
information which lists all businesses within some
Login Ads
Login Ads are displayed every-time a user log in to our
website. This method guarentees the most visitors to
your business.
PPC Banners
Pay Per Click Ads are ads that are only paid when
someone clicks your ad. Advertiser's pay a publisher
(Our Traffic Pays) when the ad is clicked.
Traffic Exchange
A traffic exchange is a site where all the members can surf and look at other members sites. This is all done based on a credit system. Works like this you veiw other sites for credits and 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds.
Our Solo Ad Advertising Deals
Student Solo Ad Clicks
This advertising package is meant for starters with low budget
Professional Solo Ad Clicks
You can get good advertising results with this package.
Executive Solo Ad Clicks
These solo ads are the best advertising sources.
Traffic Exchange Views Prices
Buying Traffic Exchange Credits Helps by getting you more traffic exchange visitors so you don't have to surf all day to build up the credits that you want to receive. Very easy all you have to do is choose the number of visitors you want, make a payment, and you will start receiving the visitors!
1000 visitor credits $5.95
2500 visitor credits $13.95
5000 visitor credits $27.95
7000 visitor credits $37.95
10000 visitor credits $49.95
15000 visitor credits $74.95
25000 visitor credits $119.95
50000 visitor credits $229.95
Our Traffic Pays Offer you the ability to promote your website all over the internet we work with a large range of advertising websites to help you get some great exposure to your business. That results in more leads, sign ups, or buyers.
2500 visitor credits $5.00
5000 visitor credits $9.00
10000 visitor credits $16.00
25000 visitor credits $38.00
50000 visitor credits $70.00
100000 visitor credits $130.00
200000 visitor credits $250.00
500000 visitor credits $600.00
Our Earnings Offers

Apart from the advertising services we offer, you can also make money with our Rewards program that will bring a successful business avenue for you to make money. You can also earn by referring people to this program

Our Rewards program allow members to possibly earn on your advertising purchase.

Profit Rewards Advertising Deal
Profit Rewards Deal
Turn $50 into $55
Profit Rewards For
110 Days
Sponsoring Required
Max Purchases
Surf Ad Credits
10 Ad Views Required
Referral Commission Structure
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Why Join Us?
  • High-Quality Advertising Services With GeoTargeting option.
  • Daily Distributed Profit Sharing (Up to 110%).
  • Stable Payplan for Longterm Profit.
  • Withdrawals open Every Day.
  • 10% 3 level Referral Commission on purchases.
  • Trusted and well Known Admin
  • 24/7 Dedicated support Team!
Unlimited Income can be made
Easy six figures this year
Turn $100 into $1950
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